Batman: Dark Justice

Dark Justice is another Batman fan film in Aaron Schoenke’s Bat in the Sun catalog. It’s an earlier work. If you watch this film and then move ahead to the others Aaron has made after Dark Justice you’ll see what a difference years of experience and the advancement of technology make.

20 years ago, police commissioner James Gordon, put a criminal behind bars. He’s out there to get revenge, so he goes out for Gordon’s daughter, Barbara. Can Gordon’s mutual friend, The Batman be far behind?

It’s a simple plot and a simple film. Just Batman kicking some serious butt.

Let me just point out this Batman fan production is almost fifteen years old. Batman fan films (fan films as a whole) were few and far between. Looking back, it’s interesting to see how much has changed in that time with the power of the internet. I didn’t even know what a YouTube or a Google was. We had this strange this called MySpace back then. Many of you may not of even been born.

Sit back and enjoy this fan film classic!

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