Batman: Legends

King of the Batman fan film, Aaron Schoenke, releases this Dark Knight, trailer production with oodles of DC villains. Originally, this footage was to be incorporated into a lengthier film, but as what happens to dozens of fan films that started strong out of the gate it just didn’t happen.

Batman Legends is a collection of clips from Madness (previously unreleased) Patient J, Dark Justice, and new unseen clips to form a gallery of heroes and villains. Kevin Porter (Dodge Ball) Tanoai Reed (American Gladiators) and Paul Molnar (Patient J) again join BITS Productions to create this short montage directed by Aaron Schoenke, featuring original music composed by Sean Schoenke. Joker has escaped recently from Arkham Asylum, he kills Robin, Jason Todd, as Robin dies Batman loses control and decides to kill the Joker but many things will get in his way, but Batman will do whatever it takes to finish his mission.

Legends is a satisfying, quick watch where you’ll see some of your favorite characters at the time never realized into live action. As many fan films from over a decade ago it is dated. It’s amazing how much technology has changed in the past ten years. Fandom has certainly caught up with Hollywood in a big way as far as production standards. And things will just get more amazing over time.


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