Joker’s Christmas Spectacular

This is not only a classic fan film, but a holiday classic as well. Who can bring in the holidays any better than the Joker? Christmas screams the Joker.

Happy Holidays from Bat in the Sun to our fans! Directed by Aaron Schoenke. Starring Paul Molnar (Patient J) as the Joker and Rachel Nicole as Harley Quinn.

Paul Molner returns as Bat in the Sun’s Joker. You may have seen him in the other Sun productions such as Patient J and City of Scars. Molner actually has an impressive resume as a Hollywood make-up artist. He’s worked on the upcoming Netflix Punisher series, the new Amazon Tick series, the Blacklist, Iron Fist and the list continues.

Rachel Nicole returns as Harley Quinn from Patient J. Her acting experience is only two Bat in the Sun projects, but her Harley is spot on and she does a fantastic job playing the character.

This very short fan film was just a nod to the fans wishing them a Merry Christmas. A video Christmas Card if you will. It’s a fun film to help you get into that holiday spirit.


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