Fan Film Follies 2.0

Happy New Year! My apologies. I may be a couple months after the fact. If you’re a regular viewer to the Fan Film Follies you may have noticed we changed the look of the site. It was time for a cosmetic update as well as time to deal with some of the navigational issues that were happening with FFF 1.0. So I welcome you all to the new and improved Fan Film Follies 2.0 using a fantastic WordPress theme called Arrass. This theme rock and rolls.

I’m also happy to announce that every single video and audio link is now back in service. There was a combination of issues that were happening that killed video and audio on some of the pages. I’ve spent the past couple months making it so this will happen less frequently. Take for example changing their video structure around. The WordPress plug-in I use didn’t like that much. That made for a great deal of pages not showing the proper video. Although I have no control over how Spike, YouTube, Vimeo, ect links to their video or the simple fact that some people delete there films altogether from said services – I do have control over the dedicated server I use on my end to host audio and video. Thanks to a few donated computer towers from friends and family I’ve mixed them all together into an awesome server that will be dedicated just for this site. As a side note I also thank the people who took the time to send emails letting me know certain pages weren’t viewable. You were the true inspiration for the massive cleanup.

May I also mention as this site started with one – me – I now have some fantastic talent who have joined the FFF to make this site so much better and they come in the form of John Walliss, JE Smith, and Lee James Sands. I hope as the year progresses we can add more Fan Film aficionados to the mix.

Now that the site is all shiny and new you can expect more updates than normal. Thanks to everyone who links on the FFF for their support. It’s good to hear from you other crazy Fan Films Fans. Sometimes when I ask myself why I go through all the effort of running this site I get an email from someone who gives a little praise our way. Keep making those films and keep watching!


Christopher Moshier

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