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Don Glut is the Godfather of the Fan Film. He has a long and outstanding career that includes writing for comic books, animation and film. Between 1953 to 1969 Don, armed with a 16mm camera, filmed a series of amateur movies that included his favorite genres of monsters, horror, science-fiction and fantasy. He was paving the way to an entirely new genre of film that we know today as the fan film.

You can see Don’s fan film collective works by linking HERE.


Batman Family

A Death in the Family
Arkham Asylum
Arkham Rising
Ashes to Ashes
Batgirl Spoiled
Batman Beyond: Year 1
Batman vs. Jack the Ripper
Batman vs. Star Trek
Black and White
Born Laughing
Catwoman: Nine Lives
Catwoman: Re-Emergence
Catwoman: Resolutions
Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange
Catwoman: The Cat and the Lioness
City of Scars
Dark Justice
Dead End
Death Wish
Forsaken Trailer
Gotham Girls
Grayson: Earth One
Harley and Selina
Hot House
Injustice For All
Joker Rising
Joker’s XMAS Spectacular
Knightfall (Animated)
Laughing Man
New Times
Nightwing: Escalations
Nightwing: Prodigal
Patient J
Puppet Master
Red Hood: The Fallen
Red Queen
Robin Origins
Seeds of Arkham
The Badge and the Bat, a Batgirl
The Dark Knight Legacy
The Dark Knight Project
The Demon In The Dark
The Gray Ghost: The Lost Reel
The Human Bat
The Last Laugh
The Relic of Gotham
The Return
Versus The Terminator
World’s Finest (Batman and Superman)
World’s Finest (Catwoman and Powergirl)

Superman Family

Bizarro Classic (Rob Pratt)
Confessions of Supergirl
Die Laughing
Forbidden Power
Girl of Steel
Luthor For President
Reborn (Mash-Up)
S: A Superman Fan Film
Superman (Rob Pratt)
Superman the Pepperdine Way
The Super 8 Movie
World’s Finest (Batman and Superman)
World’s Finest (Catwoman and Powergirl)

Wonder Woman

Balance of Power
Battle For Justice
Clarke Wolfe Trailer
First Impressions
Jesse V. Johnson Trailer
Rainfall Films Trailer
Television Pilot


Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead
Aquaman (1984)
Black Canary (Five Faces Project)
Black Lightning: Tobias’s Revenge
Blue Beetle Promo
Blue & Gold PSA
Booster Gold (Five Faces Project)
Deadshot: Left Alone
Dr. Fate: A Question of Faith
Dr. Fate: Crawling Chaos
Earth 3: DC Comics Concept (Green Arrow)
Flash: Speeding Ticket
Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunter
Green Lantern
Green Lantern: Endgame
Green Lantern: New Dawn
John Stewart: Rise of the New Lantern
Justice League Dark
Justice League Pilot
Power Girl: Classifieds
Power Girl: I’m Power Girl Dammit!!!
Samurai: Wind of Justice
Sandman: Fool’s Gold
The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special
The Question?
The Question: What Can One Man Do?
The Shadow (Blinky Productions)
The Shadow (Five Faces Project)
The Shadow (Kapow Entertainment)
The Shadow (Smash Media)


Batman Shot in Face
Becoming Batman
Maritess vs the Superfriends
Meet the Justice League
The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman
The Greatest Fan Film Of All Time

Captain America

Captain America (Pujo Latham)
Captain America (Daryl Kyle)
Theater of War
The Fighting Avenger


Colby Bluth’s Spider-Man
Green Goblin’s Last Stand
He’s Spider-Man
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man
Peter’s Web
Spider-Man Asylum
Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story
The Amazing SpiderDad
The Death of Spider-Man Motion Comic
Viva Spider-Man 1989

The Punisher

Punisher (Blinky Productions)
Dirty Laundrey
Do Not Fall IN New York City
First Round
No Mercy
Punisher 2 Trailer (David Sarrio)


Last Call
Wolverine Fan Trailer
Wolverine (So Krispy Media)


District X
The Series


Blade: Bad Blood
Blade: Daywalker
Cable: Chronicles of Hope
Daredevil (David Sarrio)
Daredevil ’83
Deadpool Musical
Elektra: Hand & Devil
Hulk Meets Thing
Hulk: Reaction
Hulk: The Gamma Project
Invinsible Iron Man
Iron Baby
Iron Fist: The Dragon Unleashed
Iron Heart
Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
Power Pack TV Pilot
She-Hulk Shameless Trailer
She Thor vs. Hulk Zombie
Silver Surfer
The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen: Daredevil vs. Bullseye
The Fantastic Four (Roger Corman)
Truth In Journalism
Von Doom


Badboy Fan Trailer
Captain Harlock Trailer
Casey Jones the Movie
Crow: Purgatory
Crow: Purgatory II
Green Hornet
Horned God
Judge Dredd: Superfiend
Judge Minty
Rocketeer (Animated)
Sin City: Rats
Spawn: The Recall
Static Shock: Blackout
Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge
The Greatest American Hero
The Mask Strikes Back
Welcome To Hoxford
Y the Last Man
Y the Last Rising

Original Characters

Eve Trailer
Heroes of the North
Scarlet Avenger
Team Epic
The League
Tomorrow’s Memoir


Escape From New Jersey
Fight the Foot
James Bond: Shamelady
Jonny Quest Opening Titles
Jurassic Park: Prime Survival
Moonraker ’78
Occupational Hazards
Pirates des Caraïbes: Aux Frontières de L’Oubli


Battle of the Bonds
Covert Operatives


CK Hicks Documentary
Building Empire
Star Wars Begins
Returning To Jedi


Flight From Shadow
James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing
Legend Of Rune Wraith (Dungeons and Dragons spoof)
Lord of the Rings: Born of Hope
Lord of the Rings: Hunt For Gollum
Majora’s Mask: The Skull Kid
Severus Snape and the Marauders
Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper
Zelda: Hero Of Time

Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series
Freddy VS. the Ghostbusters
Ghostbustin’ 911
Ghostbusters SLC
Return of the Ghostbusters

End of Peace
Operation: Red Retrieval
Serpent’s Stone
Special Missions 2
War Machine Trailer


A Halloween Tale
Freddy VS. the Ghostbusters
Friday The 13th: Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake
Friday the 13th: Legends
Friday the 13th: Legends 2
Friday XIII: Resurrection
Friday the 31st: Michael vs Jason
Halloween: Red Harvest
Halloween: The Shape
Hellraiser: Deader – Winter’s Lament
Hellraiser: No More Souls
Jason Vs. Leatherface
Kung Fu Killer Zombie (spoof)
Phantom Harbor
Slack Pack: Halloween Sucks
28 Days Later: The Rage
Zombie Hunter

Dagger of Hell
Doom Raiders
Hidden Treasure
Legend of Bimini
Memories of the Past
Pasadena Jones and the Satire of Doom
Raiding the Lost Ark, A Filmumentary
Search of the Lost Idol
Secret of the Apalachee
The Adventures of Indiana Jones
The Adaptation
The Relic of Gotham
The Staff of Ra
Treasure of the Templars


Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey
Friday the 13th Nintendo
Gremlins 2 “Film Break”
Mad Max GoKart Paintball War
The Adventures of Young Jack Sparrow
The Nobbit


Alternate Empire
A Stitch In Time
A Survivor’s Triangle
Broken Doors
Fire and Ice
Guardian of the Solar System
In The Pipeline
Pudsai (Children in Need)
The Dalek Invasion of Skaro
The Schrödinger Effect
Time and Again

X-Files: Graceland

The Ninth Symbol

A Tale of Two Galaxies
Of Gods and Men
Federation One
Helena Chronicles
Hidden Frontier
Orphans of War
Operation Beta Shield
Phase II
Prelude to Axanar
Secret Voyage
Starship Farragut
Stone Trek
Starship Exeter
Star Wreck
Tales of the 7th Fleet

A Light In The Darkness
Blackstar Warrior
Beyond The Dune Sea
Bounty Trail
Broken Allegiance
Contract Of Evil
Crimson Uprising
Crossroads of Destiny
Darth Maul: Apprentice
Dark Resurrection
Essence of the Force
Forging His Destiny
I.M.P.S. The Relentless
Knight Quest
Knight of the Old Republic: Shadows of Corruption
Legends: Legacy of the Force
Makazie One
Quest of the Jedi
Rebel Scum
Rise of The Rebellion
Ruins and Reckoning
Sins of the Jedi
Smuggler’s Run
Spirits of the Force Trilogy
Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut
The Dark Redemption
The Jawa Adventure
The Lesser Evil
The Sable Corsair
The Solo Adventures
Threads of Destiny
Tie Fighter
Wrath of the Mandalorian
Versus: The Way to Shadow


American Jedi
Chad Vader
Force-Full Imagination
George Lucas in Love
Grocery Store Wars
Hardware Wars
How the Sith Stole Christmas
Hughes the Force
Pink Five Trilogy
Pitching Lucas
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The TOYS Awaken
Uncut Star Wars (Director’s Cut)
Uncut The Empire Strikes Back (Director’s Cut)

Uncharacterized Science Fiction

Akira Project
Alien Influx
AVP Redemption
Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming
Captain Future Opening Credits
Cobra: The Space Pirate
Critters: Bounty Hunter
Faith Of A Man
Firefly: The Verse
Kaydara, the Matrix Fan Film
Omega 35
Orange vs. Flying Saucers
Predator: Dark Ages
Predator: The Hunt Continues
Quantum Leap: A Leap To Di For
Robocop Fan Teaser
Robotech: Valkyrie Project
The S.E.E.D.
Something Real
Thunderbirds 2010
Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers Short
Tron: Destiny
Weeping Willow


Product Placement
The Great Marcusio


Alias: Lost Episode
A Tale of Benjen Stark
Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film
Lost: The Man Who Brought Us Here
Saved by the Belding
Trey Gets Stoned


Assassins Creed: Lineage
Assassins Creed: The Hidden Blade
Assassin’s Creed: Traición
Beyond Black Mesa
Call of Duty Ghosts: Operation Omega
Castlevania: Hymn of Blood
Dragon Age: Redemption
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Duke Nukem Fan Made Trailer
Elder Scrolls: Looters
Escape From City 17
Fallout: Lanius
Fallout: Nuka Break
Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star
Find Makarov
Gritty Mario World
Half-Life: Raise the Bar
Halo: Forward Unto Dawn
Halo: Helljumper
Halo: Landfall
Halo: The Fallen
Killzone Intercept
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead (Northern Five Entertainment)
Max Payne: Hero
Max Payne: Valhalla
MegaMan Fan Trailer 2007
Mega Man (Full Length Feature)
Mega Man X
Metal Gear: Boxhound
Metal Gear: Philanthropy
Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing
Modern Warfare: Sunrise
Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Pacman: Come Out And Play
Pac-Man the Movie
935 Nazi Zombies Series
Portal: No Escape
Powered UP!
Shadow Of Mordor
Skyrim: Into the Void
Star Fox Cinematic
Street Fighter Alpha: Lunch With Ryu
Street Fighter: Beginnings End
Street Fighter High
Street Fighter High: The Musical
Tetris Trailer
The Best of Us: The Last of Us
The Last Of Us
The Last Of Us: Trust
Time Crisis
Zelda: Hero Of Time

Raider Origins
Tears of the Dragon
The Lost Valley


Amanda Hades
Broken Saints
Doctor Shroud
Four Tanks and a Healer
Geek Week
The 7th Portal
Stella B. and the Busted League
Super Power Beat Down
Team Epic
The Guild
Ultimate Fan Fights
Video Game High School


Abbott and Costello Meet Superman
Alien War
Assassins: Aria of Dissonance
Batman: A Night in Arkham
Batman: Broken Bat
Batman Dark Tomorrow
Batman: Monsters
Batman: Night’s End
Batman: The Line
Batman: Triumphant
Batman: Vendetta
BB-8’s Resistance
Double Dragon: The Revenge
Borderlands: Firefight
Castle Law
Clark and Lex: Roommates
Citizen Vader
Crew 52
Cyclops Vs. Wolverine!
Doctor Who: Zeeland Breeze
Dylan Dog
Gambit Origins
Godzilla Battle Royale
Indiana Jones and the Ring of Solomon
James Bonded 008.5 Agent Decoy
Joker’s Vacation
Not Ghostbusters: The 23 Directors’ Cut
Padme: A Star Wars Grease Parody
Pokemon: League of Losers
Power Rangers: Rise of the Nega Rangers
Silent Hill: Stolen Heart
Slice of Life: A Michael Myers Documentary
Smash Bros vs. Watch Dogs
Space 1999: The Passenger
Star Wars: Dark Awakening
Star Wars: Hunt For The Holocron
Star Wars: Relics, Amulet of Urlon
Static Shock: Electrogenesis
The Amazing Spider-Blog: The Dating Video
The Crow: Shreds of Memories
The French Ghostbusters
The Hunger GameRs
The Indiana John Series
T.R.A.C.E. – A Doctor Who Fan Film
2 Cobras and a Cup
Watch Dogs: Nexus
Without Fear
Wrecking Maul: A Star Wars Wrecking Ball Parody
World’s Finest: Man of Steel Fan Film
007: I Only Need One


BBC Superman: Doomsday & Beyond
BBC The Adventures of Superman
BBC The Amazing Spider-Man
BBC Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga
Blue Beetle
Batman: Ace of Detectives
Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome
DC Comics Kingdom Come
Fantastic Four Radio Drama
Homestar (Shan-Lon Enterprises) Audio Dramas
Power Records
Robert E. Howard’s Conan
Spidey Super Stories
Star Trek: Federation One
Star Trek: Outpost
Star Wars Trilogy (NPR Playhouse)
Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
The Trial of Superman
Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira

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