Fan Film Podcast Episode 78

In stark contrast to many recent fan film productions — in which the filmmakers seem compelled to publicize their every move on internet chat boards, long before they’ve shot even a single frame of video — the slick new production Doctor Who: Alternate Empire seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The first episode was posted on YouTube on September 22, 2009, with little initial fanfare, but eventually the fans

took notice. Almost exactly a year later, the second episode was finally released, and two more have come out since, with the concluding fifth chapter imminent. With high production values, good performances, and — perhaps most intriguingly — a storyline that crosses over with the Star Wars universe, Alternate Empire has emerged as one of the classiest Who fan productions in many a moon.

The project is the brainchild of L.A.-based actor Julian Bane, who wrote the script and plays the role of the Doctor. We spoke with Bain by phone on March 7, 2011. Thanks again to David Nagel of the UK for audio file assistance.

Alternate Empire YouTube Page.

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  • Matthew Chambers

    That’s a drinking game that could put a man in hospital

  • Ok, so how exactly does one go about getting in contact with Mr. JE Smith? I’ve looked all over this site for an email link, none to be found…really would love to get in touch with him and hear what he thinks of the fully animated Doctor Who fan series I have created…;)

    Sorry to post about it here, just couldn’t find the link anywhere…if he is interested, please drop a line to my email address, via the website…

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