Fan Film Podcast Episode 73

When I was in High School in the late 80’s there was a miniature golf course that also housed several of the leading coin operated platform games of the time. One of those games was Street Fighter with the object of choosing various characters with different special moves in order to beat the crap out of your opponent. It was addicting. It also was a concept screaming longevity spinning into cartoons, comic books and live action movies. Little did this punk teenager know in the 80’s playing this game that about twenty some years later he would not only be co-hosting a podcast on this thing called the internet, not only covering this bizarre genre known as the fan film, but would also be talking to people who’ve made an actual live action Street Fighter productions to the quality of any mainstream feature film. And even if I did have some sneaking suspicions I sure the hell wouldn’t think it would be a musical.

I give you (along with Fanboy Will) writer/producer Jennifer Zhang, director Hugh Jardon, and fight choreographer William Magno Alejandrino. They’re three of the forces behind “Street Fight High The Musical”, a bizarre parody fan film that cleverly works.


Street Fighter High Official Website

Jennifer Zhang’s Website

William Magno Alejandrino’s YouTube Channel

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