Fan Film Podcast Episode 71

Ever hear of the term organized chaos? This podcast is it. If you can even figure out what’s going on in the first five minutes then you’re a step ahead of the persona that’s actually editing the thing. But have no fear. If you can make it through the beginning we quickly get on the correct track of common sense. If you hadn’t guessed through the opening a tornado made its way through the streets of New York the evening of the recording making a mess of a Podcast more messy. But as always somehow we pulled it off and bring you an almost coherent episode.

Our guests this time out on the Fan Film Podcast are fellow New Yorkers, Writer/Director Alex Valderana and actor Jon Caballero. Alex discusses his previously released Batman fan film called Hothouse as well as his currently in production Nightwing web series titled a Escalations starring Jon as the aforementioned character.

And as always we go into our stereotypical tangents of all that is fanboy (and girl) worthy.

This is part one of a two part interview with Alex and Jon

You can watch Batman: Hothouse at here.

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