Fan Film Podcast Episode 68

Fanboy Will and I haven’t done a one of one, give and take since the beginning of the Fan Film Podcast. We’ve normally always had a guest or guests on tap. We decided to put the spotlight of the show on ourselves this time out discussing current goings ons in the world of the funny books and the movies based on them as well as any other insignificant pieces of information that interests us.

I hope you can humor us for this episode of the FFP. Hopefully we won’t bore you all too much. And I promise next episode we’ll have an ubber awesome guest lined up!

Things we touch on:

Upcoming films; Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor.

The lack of updates for Fanboy Will’s Fanboy Theatre.

Why I stopped writing for the Comic Book Bin and started Fan Film Follies. Here are links to two articles I touch upon in my explanation for context sakes.

We address Chris .R. Notarile and his forum comments posted at the Batman Fan Films site towards Aaron Schoenke’s Batman fan film City of Scars.

Here are a couple links to do your homework while listening.

I don’t normally pimp my own projects on the Podcast, BUT in this case I’ll direct you to our Making Comics Studios site. The concept GEMS is mentioned during the podcast.

The upcoming guest star appearances for the last season of Smallville.

Batman: The Red Hood DC Animated Film.

Batman XXX.

And other tangents of wonderful geekness.

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