Fan Film Podcast Episode 66

In the past year there has been a huge leap in the quality of fan films. As a fan film “reporter” I call these films achievements or a better term could be landmarks. I would point you to The Hunt For Gollum, Born of Hope, City of Scars, Makazie One, and a couple that are probably slipping my memory. Each of these films listed have brought a legitimacy to a genre that myself and Fanboy Will hold dear. This holds true for our guest this time out on the FFP, Mr. Eddie Lebron who brings us his vision of the Nintendo Campcon character, MegaMan. Remember the days when fan films were about eight or ten minutes? Eddie has created a 94-minute feature film. Now why is this a landmark? There have been fan films of that length before. None have had the quality of writing, acting, sound design, special effects, and just overall fun factor meaning I wasn’t watching the clock to see when this thing was finally going to end. MegaMan does what any film should do – it sucks you into the story from beginning to end.

I’d also like to comment on the lack of Fan Film Podcasts we’ve had this year. The biggest answer is time and the lesser answer is more technical. The technical issue has been addressed. The time issue is another matter. Both Fanboy Will and myself have been working in other aspects of our lives that limit fan film coverage. It’s my intension to get us back on track to at least 2 shows monthly starting in July. We have some great people to talk with already lined up. Thank you for the support thus far.

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