Fan Film Podcast Episode 63

YO JOE! I mean YO SCOTT! I’m talking Scott Grass from Forsaken Filmz who has brought us the G.I. Joe fan film “End Of Peace”. G.I. Joe is not a property you normally see in the world of fan films due the extensive cast of characters, intricate costuming, and potential for costly special effects. But if there’s one thing fan film makers can do is stretch the imagination to make the inconceivable conceivable. Scott and his crew have juggled what could potentially be a disastrous production into a cool film that holds the heart and integrity to what the die hard G.I. Joe fans would expect from such a project.

As all members of the fan film making community can imagine it’s not always easy making a final production, to actually get it out there for all to see. Scott talks candidly about the trials and disappointments in took to get “End of Peace” to eventually see the light of day. And Forsaken Filmz is not a one trick pony. Oh no! As the normal genesis of the people that make these fan films they progress into their own original projects in this case Forsaken’s “Thou Shall Kill”.

So DUSTY yourself off. Get ready to get all GUNG HO! Grab yourself some BARBEQUE and some BAZOOKA bubble gum. Turn off the LAW and ORDER. Move into a room with LOW LIGHT. Get all FOOTLOOSE. Prepare to ROCK ‘N ROLL ! And join us for some CHUCKLES only on the Fan Film Podcast.

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