Episode 61

Welcome back to the FFP. We kick off our first show of 2010 with not one, but two interviews. Our first guest is Tim Brown representing Inked Monkey Productions talks briefly and answers a few questions about the third annual Superman Celebration Fan Film Competition held in Metropolis, Illinois. We’ve asked Tim back on our Podcast in June when he’ll give us a play by play of the happenings of the competition as well as the entire Superman Celebration as a whole. You can learn more about the competition, rules, and prizes by linking HERE.

For our second guest we bring you a man who calls himself Clutch! YEPPER! Just Clutch. He’s the writer and director behind the unique Star Wars fan film Makazie One. In my opinion and I’ll also speak for Fanboy Will the best two Star Wars Fan Films released in the year 2009 are by far Crossroads of Destiny and Makazie One. These films clearly show that the combination of talent, technology, and simple love for the universe which these characters are based is shrinking the gap to what we see Lucasfilm release compared to what we can make with our own ingenuity. What Clutch has done with Makazie One is put his own staple onto the Star Wars mythos incorporating a different style and mood to the franchise not yet seen before. The results? AMAZING! Make sure to check out the official Makazie One website.

Clutch also discusses his original science fiction project, The Butterfly Chronicles.

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