Episode 57

Dan Poole from Alpha Dog Productions is another fan film legend who has helped pave the way for today’s fan film makers. For Fanboy Will, Dan and his film “Green Goblin’s Last Stand” is the single reason why he’s a fan of the genre and the reason we do this podcast today. Thanks, Dan!

In this interview we not only talk about Dan’s Spiderman film, but we also discuss his second fan production “Wolverine Last Call” made for the San Diego Comic Con. When the San Diego Comic Con refused to play anymore fan films due to the success of Sandy Collora’s “Batman: Dead End” a year before and the license holders having a pissy fit the Wolvie film had to change venues via a local bar near the convention center. This experience tainted Dan’s want to continue with his fan film career so he does what most fan film makers eventually do – he turned to his own original concepts.

This is part one of the two part interview with Dan.

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