Episode 55

I’m all shook up because we have part two of our interview with Mr. James Cawley this week. Some people think he’s nothing, but a hound dog – but let me tell you from experience he’s just a teddy bear. In fact he’s been described as a big hunk of love. If the bridge of the Star Trek was a jailhouse that jailhouse would rock if it was Mr. Cawley’s film set located in Upstate New York where Star Trek: Phase II is filmed. Don’t be cruel if you don’t understand Mr. Cawley’s passion towards this project. More suspicious minds would think he’s stepping on the foundation of what Gene Roddenberry has created. If you don’t see his commitment due to the love of the source material then you’ve lost that loving feeling. If you think all these Elvis Presley song references are ‘too much’ then I‘ll stop now. HEH! It’s not easy to write these blurbs for every episode. If you don’t like it then I am going to sit right down and cry. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go get a banana and peanut butter sandwich. Listen to this Podcast while I’m gone.

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