Episode 54

Now if I was to sit down the write the most bizarre movie script I could conceive I would write about an Elvis Presley impersonator who loves Star Trek so much he makes an exact duplicate of the 1960’s enterprise bridge in a used car dealership and then starts filming his own movies guest starring the cast, crew, and writers of the original series on said bridge. I think the Farrelly brothers would have a field day with this idea. Who would play this character? Perhaps we could rejuvenate Macaulay Culkin’s career in playing this part or maybe get an unknown actor to take on the lead – like – say – James Cawley. Cawley’s name was totally off the cuff, but I do recall him being in some Hidden Frontier show or something. Then we would invite some of the original Star Trek alumni aboard such as Walter Koenig, George Takei, Denise Crosby and the list goes on. WOW! This movie could play in all the cool art houses. Screw the art houses this is going to Festival de Cannes, baby! We’ll call it “Heartbreak Enterprise” or “Blue Trek Shoes” or “Viva Warp 5” or something to that affect.

James Cawley is our guest this week on the Fan Film Podcast. Mr. Cawley produces a well known series for the internet called Star Trek: Phase II, a show that is literally downloaded by millions of people around the world. This is history in the making folks. This is what fan films are all about. James is feeding the desire for more Trek out to the masses and let me tell you those masses are eating like crazy. What the original license holders will do with this unprecedented popularity is not yet known, but I guarantee in a few years the way Fan Films are perceived are going to be “a” changin’.

Included in the beginning of the podcast is a twelve minute documentary on what was supposed to be the second Star Trek Television show back in the 1970’s. Of course this show never happened, but it was elements of the proposed show that incorporated themselves into what is now Cawley’s (and friends) Star Trek: Phase II.

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