Episode 46

Imagine, if you will, getting to write and direct your own films for a living. Then imagine that the actresses you’re hiring to play your characters are sexy and beautiful. On top of that, they wear tight fitting spandex as their characters dictate. Ok. If you’re a girl that part may not be all that exciting for you, but if you’re a hormone with legs like the male species that’s a bit of all right.

The man who we are most jealous of making these babe-elicious superheroine films is Mr. Andy Rodriguez through his company New Phoenix Filmworks International. Andy has created his own universe of characters including such names as RetroGirl, Darkfury, Powercat, and many others. These are just not mere titillation films. Although, all his characters are beautiful women in skimpy outfits the films never go beyond a PG-13 rating and you’ll always find a comic book themed plot to go along with the film.

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