Episode 43

How do we know Marc Kimball? Oooohhhh…let us count the ways. There’s his Star Wars mockumentary, “The Star Wars Battle of Hoth.” There’s his parody political satire, “Star Wars, Dantana Morse for Galactic Senate.” There’s his original short film, “Star Ranger 7: A Force of One.” But Marc is most well known for his classic fan film, “Superman: The Super 8 Movie” which has been picked up, used, and shelved more times than William Shatner’s hairpiece.

We go all over the place with Marc. Mr. Kimball certainly discusses his Superman film and how the powers that be at Warner Brothers initially requested it being taken off the internet. Also discussed is the new Star Trek film almost upon us as well as the Trek franchise as a whole. Just an hour of fanboy (and girl) chaos you would only expect from the FFP.

Make sure you take a look at all the hard (and fun!) work Marc and his peeps have produced by going to Star Ranger 7.com.

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