Episode 41

Enter the most controversial comic book adaptation to film that has ever been attempted – the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s prestige 12-part mini-series the Watchmen. In today’s standards you could say it didn’t do well at the box office. I think incorporating the word “bombed” would be unfair for the film, but it certainly didn’t fair as well as the studio would of dreamed.

Enter Nic Collins from Tootalu Films. While Zack Snyder was some what successful in pleasing the fans on his 120+ million dollar epic Nic was trying to please the fans (and himself) with his next to zero budgeted film involving the same source material. When you compare apples to oranges both Zack and Nic came as close as any filmmaker would ever be able to make this classic story to film.

Enter Fanboy Will and me – Christopher Moshier. Two fan film fanatics that find it necessary to drag these great filmmakers kicking and screaming onto our show. We never even asked Zack Snyder. We were more interested in interviewing Nic about his fan film Fearful Symmetry. His vision of the graphic novel will certainly go down in fan film history. After talking to Nic we concluded he’s crazy. Only a crazy person would try such an ambitious project with such a minimal budget.

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