Episode 40

James Watson from Atlantis Studios is in the hot seat this week as Fanboy Will and I grill him about his comic book series turned live action short films called Paula Peril. We put Mr. Watson under the hot lights with no glass of water in site until he spilled the beans on this character that is a cross between Nancy Drew and a female Indiana Jones. Fanboy Will had to rap Mr. Watson’s knuckles a few times until James discussed how he was able to get the ever so beautiful Valerie Perez to play the title character. Finally, we worked Mr. Watson over until he spoke about the Tomb Raider collaborative fan magazine that he publishes. Eventually, Mr. Watson was let go with a warning, he would have to continue the great comic book and film adventures of Paula Peril or he would have to answer to the forces behind the Fan Film Podcast.

Make sure you check out the official Paula Peril website.

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