Episode 37

Although we’re posting the next podcast in the New Year this actually belongs over in 2008. Fanboy Will and I spoke with Clive back in late November. Due to time with the holiday and other commitments I haven’t been able to edit nor post this until now. For this I apologize to our guest and our listeners. Just pretend we are still in 2008. To confuse matters even more I’ll fudge the posting date. You may of not even noticed if I didn’t let the cat out of the bag.

Onward and forward! Our guest this time out on the FFP is Mr. Clive Young who is the first person in the history of people to write a book on the subject of the fan film. He calls his creation “Homemade Hollywood.” Fan film lovers! Pick this book up as you will get the play by play of the evolution of these sweet creations.

While you’re listening check out Clive’s fan film BLOG over at Fan Cinema Today.

You can pick up Clive Young’s fan film book Homemade Hollywood at Amazon.com or one of your favorite bookstore chains.

Visit the official Fan Film Podcast website.


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