Episode 36

Learn Donald Strand’s porn name! Listen to Regan Remy’s enchanting, Celtic voice! Mime along with Tara Strand! You can do this and more on the world’s number one, top rated PODCAST of all time!!! Boasting over one billion listeners and broadcasting in pure THX surround sound this show, which has been proven to cure cancer, has been singled out by CNN as the only reason to wake up in the morning. HEH! We like to over hype. If Hollywood can do it 365 days a year then humor me to do it for this week’s FFP?

We welcome back Donald, Tara, and Regan to the show this week. If you’re not aware they are the founding members of Gotham Public Works, a co-splay group of biblical proportions. Learn more about their upcoming Batman: Forsaken episodic fan films as well as they’re other endeavors away from the GPW.

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