Episode 34

It’s coming. December 13th it will finally arrive. There may be no need to do this Podcast any longer as on that day The Greatest Fan Film of All Time will premiere. This will be the last fan film EVER! OK! Not really. But it will kick ass. On today’s show I’ll be talking with one of the masterminds behind this animated masterpiece, Mr. (DRUM ROLL) Larry Longstreth. May we all bow to his greatness! May with lick the dog shit from his soiled shoe. Don’t even think of stepping in his awesome shadow. HEH! Sucking up to the guests for a follow-up interview never hurts. It works for Barbara Walters!

We’ve got two more interviews coming at you this year. I’ll be posting them up as soon as possible. The holiday as well as a crazy work schedule has made getting them edited a challenge. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! They will be upon us and into your listening ear soon enough. In the very near future we will be talking with Tara Strand (Harley Quinn), Donald Strand (The Joker), and Regan Remy (Catwoman) from Gotham Public Works with hopes to have their other cast of characters on a future show. Immediately after the WORKS we will have Mr. Clive Young who will talk about his FAN FILM themed book “Homemade Hollywood”. It shall be a good one. I shall demand it!

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