Episode 33

Fanboy Will and I conclude our talk with Ron Santiano from REDCAPE Cinema. We talk more about his original series, “EVE”, as well as his plan for a few spin off series and also a scoop on a possible new fan film. Ubber goodness with a creamy center!

Every fourth Thursday in November in the United States there is this tradition where we cook a large bird known as a Turkey, watch football, drink massive amounts of beer, and take the day to be grateful for all we take for granted. I am grateful for this fun podcast we try to put together on an almost weekly basis, my good friend and co-host Fanboy Will, our fantastic guests, and everyone else who takes the time to listen in about this most unsung of entertainment outlets – the FAN FILM! On behalf of Fanboy Will and myself we extend a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Now where’s that beer!?!

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