Episode 31

ALL HAIL the Fan Film Podcast for it is righteous and just. ALL HAIL James Christopher, our most auspicious guest this week. ALL HAIL the Fan Film as they are the blood and sweat of the independent film maker. ALL HAIL Fanboy Will as he is a vessel of unlimited nerdy knowledge. ALL HAIL Christopher Moshier who must be on some good shit to be writing this.

HEH! You try to write these blurbs on a regular basis and you’ll see how redundant they start to become. I just wanted to mix things up. So where were we? AH! This week’s guest…as mentioned above that would be one Mr. James Christopher. I have provided links below to familiarize yourself with his fan films. ENJOY!

Batman: Death in the Family

The Crow: Blood Angel

Punisher: Slavers

Wonder Woman

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