Episode 30

When you think of where movies are produced you instantly think of Kentucky don’t you? After all isn’t Kentucky the movie capital of the world? Isn’t the leading entertainment news source Access Kentucky? Is that famous game show originally hosted by Bert Parks called Kentucky Squares? And surely everyone has taken a stroll down the sidewalk of the Kentucky Walk of Fame.

This week’s guest is George Bonilla from ZP International Picture Production and Distributions. And if you haven’t guessed it yet his business is located in the “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” state of Kentucky. His company makes films with titles such as The Edison Death Machine, Redwood Justin: Vampire Hunter, and Hell-ephone. These are original independent character driven features not bogged down by the standard Hollywood formula.

As a side venture George has dabbled in the fan film with a quick little take on the Indiana Jones franchise with his offering the “Mummy’s Skull” that stars pre-school and elementary school talents in the roles. Make sure you check out the short over at the FFP sister site, the Comic Book Bin.

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