Episode 29

We welcome another legend of the fan film world this week in the form of Mr. Hank Braxtan. Hank has ghosted it up with Freddy VS. Ghostbusters and his follow-up film, Return of the Ghostbusters. Braxtan has put together some other classic laugh fests in form of Freddy VS Jason 2: The best damn sequel, period, Illegal Aliens VS Predator, and Four More Years of Vader among some of his funniest offerings.

Returning this week from his sabbatical to Tibet is Brother Fanboy Will. He brings a twelve pack of Coors Light with him to christen the occasion. Not to be outdone, my bottle of Vodka was not far out of reach. We have to thank Hank for putting up with our drunken babbling. Maybe not very professional, but that explains the hosts of the show to a “T”!

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