Episode 24

You may or may not be aware that the Fan Film Podcast has a couple sister sites. Of course there’s Fanboy Will’s Fanboy Theatre as well as my very own Fan Film Follies, but there’s also a third entity called the Comic Book Bin.

The BIN is the host and where I post all the great fan films we talk about on the FFP. It’s also the leading comic book news and reviews site stationed in Canada. The founder of the site is one Hervé St-Louis. I guess you can say he’s the boss when it comes to the Comic Book Bin. He has a deep passion about the comic book industry which you’ll clearly understand as you listen to this week’s cast.

Some of what you’ll hear this week is how DC comics wanted the BIN’S fan film section taken down before they would start sending materials for review, Hervé’s run in with IDW, and I learn the definition of “metrosexual”.

Also, Will has resurfaced and should be back on the cast very soon. I’ll do my best to carry the torch, but it’s like running a marathon with no legs.

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