Episode 19

It’s a full blown pleasure to finally speak with a man I’ve been electronically harassing for six years. Now – instead of stalking him via email and MySpace messages I finally get to call him. And now that I have his number I’ll never stop! And I have so much confidence in my heterosexuality I can admit this to the world with a clear conscience. But it isn’t what you would think at first. I neither stalk him for his rippling physique or his million dollar home in Beverly Hills. NO! I stalk him for his “Amanda Hades” and his “Geek Week” and his “1st Person Shooter” – not that 1st Person Shooter sickos!

Fanboy Will and I interview Mr. Sean Rourke of 3rd Floor Productions. When he isn’t working his day job in Hollywood he’s grabbing his camera, his friends, and a world of imagination to make some top quality entertainment that I dare any fanboy or girl not to enjoy.

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