Yorktown: A Time to Heal

An interesting Star Trek news item I found in the Fan Film Follies email box revolves around an 80s Fan Film starring George Takei. I wasn’t even aware this footage existed. According to the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki “A Time to Heal was a partially completed Star Trek fan film produced by Stan Woo. Jem Ong Woo financed this project and served as Executive Producer. The film was directed by Da Han (pseudonym). Planned as a follow-up to the team’s first short film (Yorktown: In Temporary Command), this second installment depicted events occurring between the original series and the feature film franchise. The episode began filming in 1985, with George Takei reprising his role as Hikaru Sulu. The story was about a possible invasion of the Federation by the Klingons, and the intervention of Sulu to try to stop it. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the film was never finished. Principle photography was 100% completed, so there is still a chance that this film may be finished someday.”

It will be interesting to see if this does indeed get completed some 25 years later. We’ll let you know how things advance.

  • Danny

    If George Takei wasn’t in this then people (like me) wouldn’t be nearly be interested.

    By that I sound like I couldn’t care less, but I REALLY would love to watch the finished product, hopefully the 8mm footage can be digitally cleaned up – though the retroness of this is part of the charm of the piece, just like snuggling down to watch one of your favourite old movies.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch the progress of this!! LLAP

  • Even though I consider myself a mid-lever Trekker (enough to not call myself a Trekkie anyway), I never knew this project existed until reading Clive’s book. And here’s a trailer! I hope they actually do get around to putting together some kind of cut of this movie. It would definitely be cool to see.

  • That was supposed to be “mid-level.” I can’t see any way to edit these things. 🙂

  • To what I read the masters still exist. What the trailer shows is a crappy VHS copy.

  • Trevor McTeer

    I saw the name John Atkin attached to this recently. I looked him up at IMDB, and I see he is an actor from Canada. He started up the Facebook group for the project, and posted some gorgeous behind-the-scenes pics from this Yorktown film. Looks like he is helping out Stan Woo with the project, which is fantastic. I expect we will see something cool in the near future.

  • Albert

    Just checked out the Face Book group. Amazing pics and stuff! Hope this fan film get’s done! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6383491&id=148137033273&ref=fbx_album#!/group.php?gid=151211704904054&ref=mf

  • Trevor McTeer

    Umm… that facebook link directs you to a sexy rocker chic… lol. This is the actual link. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=151211704904054&ref=ts

    They seem to be posting new pictures every day. Quite fascinating to see this stuff coming to light after all these years! To see Sulu again, in a classic style TOS adventure, will be very cool if they finish this film.

  • John Toland

    Lots of cool set pictures. They update the Facebook group every day. Can’t wait to see this film see the light of day.

    Sulu rocks!

  • Aceroo

    They posted some really cool pictures of the USS Yorktown over at the Facebook group. Looks like they are using a new CGI model for the film. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to finally see this!!

  • Jerry Dee

    Does anyone know when this film is coming out? It’s been over 25 years! Glad to see they are making progress, but it would be good to know when we will be able to watch it. Also, is it going to be released online for everyone to see? Hope so! It will be cool to see George Takei in action again as Sulu!

    A new trailer would be cool too. One with new FX. Those CGI Yorktown pics over at Facebook look very cool! Would be great to see the ship in action.

  • Valcon

    Link to their new FX trailer on Youtube. Looks good!


  • Kelso

    They have a fundraiser going on right now to help finish the film. They are filming the final bridge scenes in December! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yorktown-a-time-to-heal/x/196905

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