X-Men Fan Series

The new X-Men fan series that is currently being filmed is the definitive reason why I’m so into fan films to begin with. Hollywood would never do this. I’ve been aware of the production for a couple months now. I’ve also been shying away from posting any news items on the Fan Film Follies site about it as I wasn’t really sure if this thing could be pulled off or not. I’m still not totally convinced. The source material is on such an epic scale for such a none to small budget offering. But the team beyond this ‘juggernaut’ is impressing the hell out of me. Not only are they tackling a fully fledged X-Men story – they’re tackling the biggest X-Men story of all time in the “X”-Cannon being the Dark Phoenix saga. Make sure you LIKE their Facebook page for any current updates and of course you can always check back with the Fan Film Follies once the series premieres in order to take a peak.

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