Writers Needed For The Site

I’m bumping this old posting up to the top of the food chain. As you can imagine it takes a good amount of time to watch and post these great films found here on the Fan Film Follies. Once again I thought I would reach out to the fan film community to see if anyone is interested in helping with the Fan Film Follies website be it a new column, help coding the site or anything else you may think would make a great feature.

Here are a few areas I would like to find someone with a passion and expertise to post about:

Fan Made Audio Drama
Fan Fiction

If this opportunity interests you or you have any questions on the possibilities please send along an email to info@fanfilmfollies.com.

Thank you!

  • Do we get paid?

  • No pay, Cyres. Same as any Fan Film so no money is had. Just got to be in it for the heart. Thank you for asking.

  • Well… that’s kind of a bummer, but not really. I am already part of the “fan” community (specifically fanfiction, but also am a fan of fanflims) and it would actually be kind of nice if I get money for the time I spend, but hey I didn’t really enter with money in mind 😀

    Anyway, back to topic… this definitely does interest me, so an email is on it’s way to you.

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