What In The Halo Is Going On?

Are you growing tired of the multitude of Batman fan films released on a yearly basis? Are you losing the force overcome by all those lightsaber battles in every Star Wars fan film? Fear not young and old fan film junkies. There’s a new sheriff in town and it goes by the name of Halo.

In the true form of Hollywood style the Halo “franchise” is caught up in typical red tape probably years away from a motion picture. This is understandable as the big ‘H’ is more interested in rehashing old 80’s televisions shows and movies than to delve into a more relevant concept. You know that any entity that is turning the board game of Battle Ship into a feature length movie involving aliens has their eye on the ball.

Thank who ever and whatever you believe in for the fans. They have one thing 99.9% of what the moneygrubbers in Hollywood don’t – passion. We do get some good looking eye candy when we shell out the money at our local theater. Unfortunately, more times than none we are left with an empty shell of a movie deviant of any kind of soul. Fan films may not always have those polished and pristine looking effects, quick cuts and loud noises that the big boys have. Fan films DO have heart – passion – love – choose the word you best think describes it. And as the fans and the equipment they use get more sophisticated the gap between a Hollywood production and the fan film will continue shrink.

Case in point. These upcoming Halo film productions.


WEBSITE: http://helljumper.com


WEBSITE: http://www.facebook.com/HaloTheMovie


WEBSITE: http://operationchastity.com

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