Two New Officially Licensed Highlander Fan-Made Features Now Available

In what is a first in the world of fan-films, two new feature-length films, Highlander: The Watcher, from New Mexico filmmaker Jeremy Orr, and Highlander: Dark Places, from Seattle filmmaker Andrew Modeen, are now available on multiple video formats.

Done in full cooperation with, and with stories approved by original Highlander producer Peter Davis at Davis/Panzer Productions, the films represent an unprecedented collaboration between fan-filmmakers and the shepherds of the Highlander franchise.

The two films, which premiered at the Highlander 30th anniversary convention last December, are now available for purchase on Blu Ray and DVD through Facebook and Amazon.

Highlander: The Watcher tells the story of David Quinlan (Heath Adam Cates), a member of a secret society of normal men and women who track and record the secret war between the Immortals of the Highlander universe. After four years on a quiet assignment, David resents his role as passive observer. But when he secretly aides Immortal Ian Campbell (Michael Jason Chandler), he finds himself facing an ancient assassin, a threat from within the Watchers, and a ghost from his own past. The Watcher explores the Highlander universe from a new perspective, that of mortal man.

Highlander: Dark Places follows four new Immortal characters: Malej (Moses Olsen) a 500 year old Brazilian warrior, struggling with a darkness that is slowly consuming him; Willem (Mark Rehner) an Immortal holy man trying to unravel a murder mystery, Justina (Erica Tadeo-Konig), a young woman out for revenge in a world of Immortals she doesn’t understand, and Keredoc (George Motakis), the mysterious, bloodthirsty conqueror plaguing them all. Dark Places is a tale of love, honor and redemption – and an intriguing new chapter in the vast Highlander mythology.

The Watcher director Jeremy Orr has been making short films for several years under the banner of Storymark Productions in Farmington, New Mexico, and has won several awards for his films Dissident, Monsters on Friday and Frozen(2004). Dark Places director Andrew Modeen, based in Seattle, Washington, and his Devilbane Productions have made a number of webseries, and are currently finishing up the feature-length thriller The Falls.

The collaboration between Orr, Modeen and Davis/Panzer came about after Davis/Panzer asked for fan submissions for a Highlander: The Series Blu-Ray set. When that set was cancelled, what were intended as two series of short films grew into a pair of stand-alone feature films, set firmly within the existing Highlander mythos.

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