Tomb Raider: Sumeria

Coming out of France is a new Tomb Raider fan film. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Lara Croft fan production. The official website describes the plot as follows:

“7000 years ago, the Sumerian civilization, from Mesopotamia, invented religions, laws and scripture. Its language remained undecipherable for thousands of years, and nowadays very few people are skilled to read it. Nobody knows why this civilization disappeared, but its heritage is tremendously important…

In 1995, the archeologist John Berjerack found a mysterious tablet on the land which was once the Sumerian kingdom. He studied it during 6 months until he inexplicably went missing.

The tablet was preserved in a museum until a mysterious tomb raider named Pierre Dupont stole it.

A person working for a powerful organization, Metalium Corp., meets Evan Caillère, an expert in Sumerian myths. Looking at some photographs of the tablet, Evan Caillère confirms the result of Berjerack’s researches: it contains an old Sumerian language. Then Evan Caillère is asked to decipher the tablet as fast as he can. Answering to his visitor, Caillère says he knows someone experienced enough to chase Pierre Dupont… her name is Lara Croft.

Spelling out the tablet, Evan reads: “The Stele Stone is the origin for their absolute power, our city is just a haven, a base for a great journey”.

Lara Croft agrees to catch Pierre Dupont and to retrieve the tablet. With the help of Evan Caillère, she goes to Mesopotamia. It seems that Lara’s rival wants the stele stone relic. Why ? What for ? What are the relic powers ?

Lara will chase him from a lost jungle, location which has no reason to be, to ancient town ruins, where she will discover all the truth about the stele stone…And fight again with her best rival, Pierre Dupont…

  • 2150dalek

    oh my, Looking good. I would fund such a Fan film.

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