The Wizard of Stone Mountain Trailer

The Wizard of Stone Mountain will make its premiere on September 3 at the Grayskull Con in Germany with follow-up showings on September 24th at the Power Con in Los Angeles and in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse. Expect the film to hit the internet for all to see on Halloween night.





  • Master Electro

    I saw this film at a He-Man convention a few months ago. Certain things really bugged me (like the lack of He-Man and Skeletor!!) The film really didn’t have a hero to root for. Malik is very unlikeable – I suppose the point was to make him arrogant – but he doesn’t really learn anything from his mistakes. The guy literally gets away with murder. The “moral” felt tacked on. From a technical viewpoint the sound was terrible, and the switch in cameras between shots was annoying. The film also felt way to long, and the story was too repetitive. There were things that I did like about the film (Fisto was a stand out), but overall, it was a bit of a mess.

  • Art Attack

    For a fan film, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Malik is a bit of an anti-hero. His motivations were sometimes confusing, like when he attacks the heroes with his magic. He does some bad things, and he doesn’t really seem to pay a price for them. Everybody seems to love Malik, and as a viewer, you kind of scratch your head as to why? Yeah, he was possessed by a demon or something, but he allowed it to happen in the first place by making a deal with the devil, and should have been held accountable by the King.

  • Christine Dee

    I think Malik’s girlfriend should have dumped his ass! That guy does not know how to treat a lady.

  • O-Zone

    I agree with Art Attack. I saw this film a year ago, and the “hero” Malik brought a lot of harm to his people by his actions, but is never held accountable for it. I guess everything on Eternia is just black and white (ie: good and evil), but really, if he is the leader of the people of Stone Mountain, I think they should have denounced him as their leader at the end. Since this is part of a trilogy of fan films, I hope his actions are adddressed in the sequels, and he is held accountable for his selfish behavior.

  • Delta Ray

    Just saw the trailer to the sequel to this film over on Vimeo. It’s called “Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life”. The spaceship FX look pretty cool!

  • der Krieger

    English not my first language. Just saw sequel at convention in Germany this weekend. +Fountain of Life+. Film wasn’t finished. Director said to us that film wasn’t finished. Audio problems, and weird FX work. Weird, because the trailer showed cool FX.

    The actor playing He-Man very good. Rugged and handsome. The film is Malik again, but I would liked it better if it had been He-Man’s film. Skeletor looks evil, but when talks, it is obvious he is wearing a rubber mask. He looked better in last film, which also screened in Germany last year.

    The bad guys: Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, and Blade were cool in the film. Blade’s rocketship was best FX in the movie. Tri-Klops sword fight was cool and actors could fight well. Skeletor was cool, but his mask was not as good as it was in last film. He looked like he had goofy smile.

    The heros: He-Man is cool. Good actor. Malik is suppose to be hero, but cause most of the problems (in part, from what happened in 1st film). Teela is okay, but not really like the cartoon version. Stratos is goofy, but fun and his flying scenes were fun. The flying sky sleds were cool.

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