The Caped Crusader

We are trying to gain a little public interest in our major fan film project entitled “The Caped Crusader”. The fan film is set in the Nolan-verse of Batman and will be the most ambitious fan film project anyone could ask for. We will be including an actual working tumbler replica in the film and will also feature aerial photography, visual effects, intense stuntwork, wirework, and only the best replicated costumes from Nolan’s series for our characters. This film is being produced by Jonestown Films and is directed by Tory Jones. It has at this time a budget of 15,000. Any other questions please feel free to ask.

It’s our dream to produce a great film for fans and lovers of Batman in quality of the many successful fan films that have came before us such as City of Scars, The Joker Blogs, Batman the Last Laugh, and many more.


Several Years after Gotham has been saved from the treacherous hold of Bane, Batman continues his crusade now realizing the day won’t come when Gotham no longer needs Batman. He now struggles to bring down Roman Sionis’s Criminal Syndicate known as “The Society” and deals with constant run ins with Selina Kyle, who his relationship with has now faded away. Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel has been appointed over the therapy of The Joker. As Quinzel begins her sessions she is pulled into The Joker’s world of chaos and madness. With these events taking place The President of the United States has sent in Task Force X to help clean up his hometown of Gotham City and restore the city to a time without crime and despair. This includes another well known Psychiatrist developing a full profile on The Batman in hopes of bringing the Vigilante down once and for all. But after The Joker escapes and thrusts Gotham into a time of terrorism and chaos once again, killing thousands with his antics; The President orders anyone associated or suspected of crime be eradicated. Now The Dark Knight must fight against two evils in hopes of bringing true justice to Gotham and complete his crusade. And it all leads to one final showdown in the battle for Gotham’s soul.

This story takes place in the NOLAN-VERSE of Batman. It picks up directly after the events depicted in Nolan’s final movie The Dark Knight Rises and is then jumps forward several years after Bane is defeated and Gotham begins to be restored once again. It is set in the latter days of Bruce Wayne’s time as Batman.

If you’re interested in learning more or making a donation towards the project head over to IndieGoGo.

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