Superman Requiem

There’s not a lot of information on this one at this point, but isn’t it about time for a quality Superman fan film? The Follies learned of this over at the Superman Homepage. You can read their short interview with Gene Fallaize, the writer, producer, and director of the independent film. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

There’s not much there at this point, but make sure you check out the Superman Requiem website.




  • Come on guys (gals?): don’t just put a poster up. Let us see something, or give us (me) some solid info. Its actually more irritating NOT to have any info. I was interested but I’ll probably forget to come back or make the effort for a second search. Right now I’m killing time on a particularly heavy render on my own magnum opus, when its done I’ll move on – your trailer or block of info would have had me bookmarking the page. Well heck, anybody can mock up a(n admittedly nice) poster.

    Humph. You’ve been told!!
    Snow bound, bloody cold UK

  • Jason mesley

    Gene Fallaize and Tony Cook are names to watch out for, I did some reserch on these guys and to my amazement they have a lot in the pipe line so lets sit back and wait but I would put money on it that something comes off on this Superman


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