Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film?

Mega Man fan film maker Eddie Lebron is now working on a production based on the Sega character Sonic the Hedgehog. No real details on the project, but has been registered and is live. It will be interesting to see how he pulls this one off.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Mega Man do it now by following this link.

We also had the chance to interview Eddie on our Fan Film Podcast. You can listen by following this link.

  • GM

    This sounds interesting but we have been waiting for 5 years for Ghostbusters: Generation, and it is now getting ridiculous!

    Please relase GBG before this!!

  • Kristy

    Speaking of Sonic, there’s coincidentally an animated Sonic Fan Film in the works. According to the site, its been in development for half a decade.

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