S: A Superman Fan Film Teaser Trailer

There’s a couple Superman fan films on the way this coming year. One in particular is this “S” production I’ve been following a few months on FaceBook.

The film is shot mostly (if not all) in front a very large green screen. Green screen has its place in film, but even in Hollywood productions it gets overused and cheapens the film. But! And a big BUT! It allows film makers to incorporate elements they couldn’t normally incorporate into their films and because you’re working in a studio you have more control over your environment. This holds incredibly true for the people who make fan films. It’s a inexpensive way to put shots together they could no way afford in the “practical” world.

So with all that indicated my only critique of this new Man of Steel fan film from the teaser shown below is the overuse of the green screen. You’ll see what I mean at some points. It’s a minor nitpick to what looks to be shaping up to be an incredible film. It will be the story and the acting that will sell it in this geek’s eyes.

“With the intent of finally destroying Superman, Brainiac finds his way to earth. However, he doesn’t go about this task alone, as Lex Luthor finds his way into the mix. Now two of Superman’s greatest villains are working together to take down the Man of Steel. Guest Starring Lois Lane. Production dates January 8-16. Summer 2011 Release.”

  • thanks for the comment, so true about Green Screen usage! the original plan was to have a live action characters within a 2D b/w environment, but we decided to change it to a ‘surreal’ world since it’s comic book and it’s not real life based and the story is loosely created from a smaller Superman comic book print… . 🙂 but yes, green screen overused may be an issue. And of course, I am anticipating a lot worst criticism later once the short film is done, as we have some twist in the story that will definately upset a lot of hard core fans (even though the script was co-written by two of these fans and consulted with a few others) 🙂

  • Fanboys get nuts sometimes. A creators interpretation of the source material is one of the things that make fan films great and interesting. Heck. Makes even a licensed film or television show great (Smallville for example). But yes. Some fans can’t seem to make the distinction between the comic and other media and are over critical. As long as you have a compelling story and some acting chops with your cast I’m sure this is going to turn out a winner.

  • Johnny Wu

    chris, please email me your snail mail for a copy of the movie in DVD. Thanks!

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