Raiding The Lost Ark Trailer

Back in February of this year I posted in my Adult Child of Alien Invaders column three definitive Star Wars “filmentaries” put together by one Jamie Benning (aka Jambe Davdar). These things are amazing if you haven’t checked them out to date. Mr. Benning took interviews, trivia and deleted scenes placing all these elements within each film of the original Star Wars trilogy. As you watch the films all this information comes at you a mile a minute giving you more information on how these films were developed that you would really would ever need to know. It really jump started my excitement I had for the Star Wars films at a younger age.

Now I just learned that Jamie will be tackling the next best trilogy of all time – Indiana Jones starting with the first film Raiders of the Lost Ark. Let’s hope the other Indy are to follow. OK! He can skip the ‘Crystal Skull’. We should see Raiding The Lost Ark popping up on the internet the Winter of 2011/2012.

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