RACSO Announces New Batman Film Project

Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher Allen has announced the title of his company’s next film production, a fan based production titled “Fall of Gotham”, along the lines of the successful “The Dark Knight” and “Batman Begins” films.

Indianapolis based RACSO Motion Pictures is targeting 2010 as to when principal photography will begin. “I chose the present incarnation of Batman as the foundation because the story line and characters offer a rich wealth of emotional and inspiring story arcs.” said Allen from his Carmel based studio. “I believe fan films are a credible way of getting filmmakers’ and actors abilities noticed in today’s over saturated market.” added Allen. “This will be my third venture in this venue, and I’ve had more worldwide exposure from these efforts than any of my originally produced content.”

Allen is introducing two new characters from the DC comic vault, the popular Wonder Woman and the vile Harley Quinn as the films polar opposites in the ongoing struggle for the soul of Gotham City. “Adding these two extraordinary characters will bring a unique twist to the story. The biggest challenge will be presenting Wonder Woman in a realistic and believable fashion as Chris Nolan did with the Batman character in ‘Batman Begins'” said Allen.

Joining the cast is American Gladiator star Jamie Reed-Kovac, who played “Fury” on the hit NBC series last year. Jamie is playing Wonder Woman, and Allen plans on a complete re-design of the iconic costume.

Pre-production has commenced as initial costume designs for Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are underway. “I want to show Wonder Woman’s costume as something fresh, unlike what was in the 70’s TV show.” commented Allen. “The costume designer already has a fantastic concept based on some remarkable fan art we’ve seen. We’re basing our designs on antiquated Roman army uniforms.” Allen said.

Casting has begun as RACSO alumni Chris Spurgin is slated to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman and David Grant Briggs as Wayne’s colleague, Lucius Fox. Interested actors are encouraged to visit racsofilms.com for a complete breakdown of all available parts.

RACSO Motion Pictures has been producing feature films since 1993. Previous titles include “Star Trek vs. Batman”, “Quantum Leap; A Leap to Di For”, and “A Time For The Heart”. RACSO’s films have been screened all across the country at various conventions such as GENCON, Chicago Tardis, the Indianapolis International Film Festival, RADCON, Shore Leave in Baltimore, and will be at the prestigious New England Fan Experience alongside Star Trek alum Leonard Nimoy this November.

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