Nokia MiniMO

One of our Fan Film Follies readers turned us on to yet another fan film competition this time exclusive to our friends in the United Kingdom sponsored by Nokia. The competition is termed MiniMO opened to anyone with a camera phone. The official competition ended June 9th. You can view all the short films at the Nokia MiniMO site.

Here’s what the website has to say:

The world of filmmaking is no longer an exclusive club for Hollywood A-listers and people with all the gear; it’s open to anyone with a camera phone. All you need is a bit of creativity and you can make a film out of anything. Can your mate do a back flip? Maybe he’s your action hero. Is there a forest near your Uni campus? Maybe that’s the setting for your horror film. Get inspired, get creative and have a laugh.

– Remember, someone has already made your favourite film, so you can’t just directly copy it.

– You’re only allowed to use one line of dialogue from the original film, so make it a good one. Choose your line carefully, and get creative with the rest.

– No product placement. You’ve seen it in the big movies, it never looks that good anyway, so keep all heavily branded objects out of shot.

– We’re in the business of creativity here, so don’t pinch any voiceovers or dialogue from the real film. It’s not allowed, and this is your film, not theirs!

– If you win, a lot of people will see your film, so keep it clean and steer clear of profanity (or use bleeps, they’re always fun).

– Your film’s title cannot refer to the original, so make a new one up. You’ve remade the scene, so remake the title.

– Finally, any music you use and don’t own needs to be credited at the end. But after your name of course, you’re the star.

Winners will be announced soon.

And thanks to Mikko Jarvenpaa for sending us the information. He actually has a film in the competition you can watch by clicking this LINK. Thanks, Mikko!

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