Nightwing: Escalation’s Update

We stand on a great threshold!

Today, the Great Nightwing Uprising begins at

The Nightwing Barrage commences with the uploading of “The Visit“, in which Dick Grayson (Jon Caballero) is visited by an old friend who brings with him warnings and words of encouragement. Features the official debut of our new D.P. Bobby Sansivero and Jon Caballero as Master Richard himself!!

In a few days, it continues as Diana Cherkas debuts as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, confronting Batman (Abe Danz) as he sneaks his way into her apartment searching for murder evidence of a killing Huntress may be implicated in. Then, it continues once more as Nightwing warns Catwoman/Selina Kyle (Frances Brennand Roper) to stay out of his city of Bludhaven for her thievery.

Once again, the website’s received a gargantuan revamp with links to actors’ official websites & such, other websites, new footage and new cast photos.

On December 20th, “Calloway” finally receives its long-awaited release.

On the 19th, shooting continues with the debut of characters Query, Echo, Det. Renee Montoya, Candace Vino, Chris Cardona and others, just in time for the holidays!

How can you join the battle against escalation and prove yourself in the Uprising?

Simple. Just spread the word. And like the fire consuming the criminality of Gotham at Nightwing, Black Canary and Huntress’ hands (and Strife’s), it will spread. And “Nightwing” will finally rise…

“Everything burns….”

Alex Valderana
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