John J. Rambo

If you were intrigued by the Vietnam flashbacks in Sylvester Stallone’s First Blood, you’ll be interested to see She Died Productions’ vision of what that story could be.

We begin in 1964 when John J. Rambo’s father finds a draft letter in the mail. What ensues is a harrowing account of Rambo’s entry into the Vietnam war, and how his time as a POW awakens a deadly force, an unstoppable soldier unequipped for life away from war.

The project began when lifetime die-hard Stallone fan Mickey Cardoni read a Stallone quote about the possibility of a Rambo prequel starring a young actor as Rambo. Cardoni and his writing/directing partner Ionas von Zezschwitz began production in August 2010, shooting in various carefully chosen locations, with Southern Ontario substituting for both Vietnam and rural America.

Intent to showcase himself as the man to play young Rambo, Cardoni threw himself into the role, performing all his own stunts and enduring grueling torture scenes, all in the name of creating the ultimate audition tape, as well as presenting the worthiness of such a prequel to be made. It is an open letter to Mr. Stallone himself, and food for thought to Rambo fans around the world.

Supporters of Mickey Cardoni’s cause can sign the petition to “PICK Mick for the RAMBO prequel” by liking his Facebook fan page.

Ionas von Zezschwitz

  • Hello there! This is very interesting intention! I wish good luck to Mickey Cardoni. It reminds me of a British film “Son of Rambow” about two little boys who decided to film First Blood-inspired movie. And it reminds me of myself. Me and three of my not little friends filmed remake of “First Blood”. It is 1-minute long, and you can find it on my website “Rambo Hill” or Youtube (
    Looking forward to see your own film, Mickey!

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