James Potter

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper, the second adventure in the James Potter film series, is a much-anticipated fan film event that will cover most of Mr. Lippers second James Potter book and will start at the beginning of James’ second school year at Hogwarts, and end at the end of James’ second year.

With the loss of his Grandfather and the moving away of a close friend (Zane), the new school year begins for James Potter and questions fill the air. Somewhere in this world there is a bloodline to Voldemort and James and his friends feel the need to find it and stop it. As questions also rise about the new headmaster, Merlin, an increasing fear of a of an old legend leads people to believe that Merlin is indeed evil and involved in this legend of the Gatekeeper. This new tale brings along new characters into the story. James find that along with sloving the mystery of the so called Gatekeeper, he must also keep his brother, Albus, from getting mixed up with the wrong people. A Slytherin named Tabitha Corisca (whom James hates) gains a liking for Albus which tares James apart and begins to separate the two brothers. As the year progresses on James along with the help of some old friends (Ralph and Zane) and some new ones, (Rose) must learn more about the bloodline of Voldemort, find who it is and figure out where their loyalties lie and if the bloodline is indeed connected to the Gatekeeper. This could be the key to everything.

“James Potter and the Cures of the Gatekeeper is based on the novel by G. Norman Lippert and is directed and produced by Kellen Gibbs who also directed and produced the first James Potter film, “James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing“. Scores for the film are by Isaias Garcia who will be joining the crew again for this second installment.

Heading the cast, Matthew Mounteer, Jonathon Vandorhorst, and Jack Fletcher will reprise their roles as James, Ralph and Zane while actress Robin Olson will take on the new role of Rose Weasley.

The films cast also includes Jess Gibbs, Megan Donaghy, Wyile Barnett, Michelle Croizer, Rhyan Sanders, Peter Mounteer, Jack Fletcher, Whitney Gibbs, Richard Forman, John Thibeau, Kayla Cromer, Madison Donaghy, and many more.

K.G. Studios Presents “James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper”, the second installment to the James Potter Series. The adventure continues January 29th, 2011.

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