Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini

Good day fellow fan film lovers. I have a request of you if you enjoy this site, fan films as a genre, and would like to contribute to a film the Fan Film Follies is sponsoring. I’m associate producer for an Indiana Jones fan film being shot this summer through Tatum Pictures. This is a highly ambitious project that will rival any Indiana Jones fan production you’ve seen to date. I’m in charge of locations and I can tell you we’ve secured some beauties. A lot of the expense, as most fan films, comes out of our own pockets, but we still need the fan community’s help to pull this off and make the production shine.

In return I’m going to start sharing my experiences in putting such a project together. I think it will help a lot of people who struggle to get something like this off the ground. We’ll have exclusive information as we move forward with filming so I’ll share all the inside scoops and any images and video I’m allowed to show.

You can head on over to IndieGoGo to make your contribution. No amount is too small. You can donate $1 or you can donate $1,000. Please show your support and thank you for being a fan of the site.

Auditions March 19th, 2011. Pictured left to right is Carolyn Findley who will portray the character Mary Tiballi, our Indiana Jones actor Rick Staropoli and Writer/Director B. Anthony Gibson.

  • art rhetoric

    I saw their last movie….>yawn<

    where do I send the check? ;D

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