Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini Take 3

I wanted to share our progress on the fan film I’m currently involved in. You may of noticed that the Fan Film Follies hasn’t been updated to much off late. There’s two factors involved in that reason. The first is the fact that there really hasn’t been to many great fan films released off late. And the second reason being most of my time is spent scouting and securing locations for Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini. We’re five days into production and everything is going beautifully.

I can honestly report that this is going to be the biggest Indiana Jones fan film project to date with perhaps the only exception being Treasure Of The Templars. It’s hard to make the comparison as Templars really hasn’t released enough to make that call. But enough with the other guys. This is about us!

We’ve been very fortunate to the quality of talent involved and the places we’ve been allowed to film at. You can go over to the official website for many stills like the ones you see below. We also have some video posted on the site as well. Link. Consume. Enjoy.

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