Indiana Jones and the Legend of Bimini Take 2

Another reach out today for our Indiana Jones fan film project. We’ve reached $675 towards our $3,000 goal with 47 days left for donations. Most of the budget is coming out of pocket, but as with most IndieGoGo campaigns we need that extra money to really make this project shine. If you’ve enjoyed the Fan Film Follies over the past couple years then please consider showing your appreciation for the site in form of financial backing.

You can head on over to IndieGoGo to make your contribution. No amount is too small. You can donate $1 or any amount you are willing and able.

In relation to the film I’ve been scouting locations for the past three months. I’ll share with you a couple places we’ll be filming. As production moves forward I’ll be posting my experiences through making the film on the Follies site.

Please show your support and thank you for being a fan of the site. We’ll have the film’s official site live in the coming week so I’ll make sure to post it then.

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