For Tomorrow We Die

I’ll be representing Fan Film Follies in two film efforts for 2011. The first one I’ll be announcing later in the year. Just think whip and fedora that will be the biggest “Indy” fan film that’s been produced thus far. No joke. Would I lie to you? Seriously. It will be awesome.

Now put that out of your mind. Let’s focus on the second film titled “For Tomorrow We Die”, an epic science-fiction war drama centering on a medic whose fear of death must be overcome in order for him to save the bonds of brotherhood. This is a very ambitious college thesis film that will not only rock, but also roll. Michael Fox and Emily Sawdey are the creators behind the project. I’ve been involved in two of their short films and I don’t blow smoke when I tell you these are some fantastic up and coming filmmakers.

Of course, as you all know, it takes money to make movies. I’m reaching out to the Fan Film Follies Fans to make a donation towards For Tomorrow We Die. If you enjoy this website and appreciate the efforts it takes to keep it going then please show that appreciation in form of a donation towards the project. I put my money where my mouth is by also making a donation.

The donations are being collected through IndieGoGo.

Thank you in advance for the support. I’ll leave you with Michael and Emily’s short films to date for your viewing entertainment:
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