For Tomorrow We Die First Look

A couple years back I was lucky to be involved in a Rochester Institute of Technology short science fiction film called VOX loosely based on the role playing game Warhammer. Now, two years later, the same creative forces behind VOX are making a much more ambitious prequel for their student thesis based on the screenplay written by Steve Lawson and directed by Emily Sawdey. The film stars local Rochester, NY talents; Josh Radford, Kayla Garret, Wayne W. Johnson, Ken Dauer, and Al Young. Ken and Al return to their signature roles from the first film.

The story follows the character Jabilo, a medic, as he learns that brotherhood and camaraderie are worth preserving no matter the cost.

I present to you the first look at For Tomorrow We Die and of course we’ll keep you updated as they move closer to their May 2012 premiere date.

Make sure you check out VOX if you haven’t already.

We talk with the director of VOX, Michael Fox, on Episode 70 of the Fan Film Podcast.

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